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There's a big bad world out there... it's safest to lock yourself up and live in your own head. But the safest way is for cowards...

Welcome to my Web page

Every human is tasked with finding his or her own way through life. And my way seems to be one of those roads less travelled.

I guess I can be mysterious, and I'm often careful about what I say. But don't be afraid of me just because I'm not easy to understand. In the end, perhaps it doesn't really matter what I am, why I do what I do, or what I'm thinking or planning, if you can know that my heart is pure. If you're my friend, you can always count on me. If I've given you my word, I won't let you down. If my heart is yours, well, I might do things in mysterious ways, but everything I do will still ultimately be for you.

That is the simple fact I've been able to connect to through all these years of living with a mind that's always evolving, changing, and rebelling. Though my mind may move like the wind, my heart can guide me and keep me on firm ground. Without a good heart, I'd be nothing. It has grown to mean everything to me.

And if I can pass on the knowledge I've acquired while figuring that out, if the things I've learned can be useful to someone else, even if it helps just one person realize their dreams and be happy, then perhaps the twisty road I've travelled has been worth it.