IRC Client

This client does not have any official name as of yet, but the project is codenamed Labrador (by wossname, he likes dogs).

Basic Structure

First, there is a daemon (ircbase) that runs on a Unix server and performs actual IRC client operations. It listens on an assigned TCP port for connections from the actual user, which will run another program. This other program (irc.exe for now) can run on Windows, and provides graphical user interaction to the features contained in ircbase.


The above structure has the advantages that you can run ircbase on a shell account (warning, advertisement: Arctic Net can provide these) idling permanently on the IRC server very much like a bot, and yet, the user can, whenever he comes online, and from wherever he is, connect to it and use it for IRC-ing like any other IRC client.

The ircbase keeps track of the most recent events, so when he does this, he will automatically receive its "scrollback buffer", so he can quickly catch up with what has happened just before he arrived. This is also an advantage if his modem is unstable and often drops the connection, since this way he won't miss anything, no matter how thoroughly the user machine itself crashes (provided he comes online again before the buffer is completely flushed, of course, but this buffer can be arbitrarily sized).

Since ircbase allows scripts to run unattended at all times, it is meant to be able to replace any dedicated bots. Bots are a menace to the net, with their use of resources better spent on human clients, and the net would do so much better without them. With this system, even the most diehard childish moronic obnoxious bot-lover can do without them, simply because our design is superior, when completed.

A system for interconnecting ircbases into an op-net (to replace the traditional bot-net) is also planned.


ircbase and irccli is now available through CVS.
cvs login
Password: anoncvs
cvs -z3 checkout ircbase
cvs -z3 checkout irccli
And every time you want to update, just go into your ircbase or irccli dirs and type
cvs -z3 update -PAd
If you want commit permission (fix bugs, develop stuff yourself), just email me and tell me what you plan to do.


ircbase 0.7.x (UNIX-only) can be downloaded here, now also with optional Python support. For unices without gunzip, try here
Last update: Apr 28, 1999, 04:00 CEST.
ChangeLog for last release available here.

An old version (Windows-only) of irc (the user client) can be downloaded here. Currently the interface is similar to other popular Windows IRC clients, but it is possible to select an ircII-like mode.
Last update: May 21, 1998, 17:00 CEST.

A new Windows version of the user client based on the same C++ code base as the UNIX user client is under development and will eventually replace the old version above, since using the same code base for all platforms will make it even easier to develop the user clients. Compiled with Borland C++ 5.02 using OWL, download it here.
Last update: Oct 10, 1998, 09:00 CEST.
Note that you may need some additional DLL files.

Sources for user clients can be downloaded here. This includes a ncurses-based UNIX version in addition to the sources for the above Borland C++ client.
For unices without gunzip, try here
For DOS systems with pkunzip, try here
Last update: Nov 13, 1998, 10:00 CET.


Coordinator and designer: wossname
Current developer: villager
Other designers: In the beginning some people were enlisted, but they just complained without doing anything constructive at all, so they aren't worth mentioning now
If you want to be a part of the project, email us.